About us

With the mission to help creatives turn their passion into profession, we’ve founded [HUS] Ø – A creative community, where like-minded souls can meet, inspire and co-create. 

We are an ever growing family of adventurous creatives sharing the passion to create in an ever consumer-based reality. Coming from different background this group of creatives inspire and gets inspired by their surroundings and living context. 

We want to give you the complete freedom to work whenever and however you want. Some days you may just want to sit with a pen and paper and sketch in the sun, some you may want to share a coffee with a like minded soul, and sometimes you just want to plug-in your headphones and go nuts.

Join our family of creatives and start inspiring today!

Hosting adventurous creatives since 2014
Inspired by the Norwegian concept ‘Husøya’ – a small island residing only a house, where residents are welcoming adventurous sailors and strangers like it was their own family – [HUS] Ø was established in 2014 as a creative network for interdisciplinary collaborations. First started in Denmark, the name has a double meaning since the letter Ø means island in Danish, emphasizing the international take on the community.